MIXED CASE: Funky stuff

MIXED CASE: Funky stuff

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If you are up for some funk, these are the wines to go for!

  • Štembereger: Pet-Nat White - a blend of Vitovska and Malvasia made via ancestral method. Light caramel with a hint of sourdough starter, cheese, and white peaches. 10.5% abv

  • Vajčner: Amphora River Sediments 2021 - it’s orange and it’s wild! Super aromatic. Orange blossom, oregano and black olive brine on the nose. 12% abv

  • Iva Mĕříinska: Pinot Gris Qvevri 2020 - orange wine matured in clay amphorae. Leafy, dried fruit, leather and earth. 12.5% abv

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3x 750ml, price per litre: €24.89

Allergens: contains sulphites

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