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Štemberger: Merlot 2020

Štemberger: Merlot 2020

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What can we say about this Merlot that you might not know about Merlot already? Well, to us, this one is eminently more enjoyable/drinkable than your average (of course none of our wines are average) Merlot. While it hits the common dark fruit, softish light medium tannin, vanilla flavors and the mouthfeel one would expect (silky, smooth, full, even perhaps elegant) it also retains a lot more spunk, an element of liveliness and fun that is uncommon for Merlot. Sebastijan has made it clear to us that he only bottles what he calls “living, breathing wine” that still has power and life to it. Merlot should be a lovely daily dinner wine if possible, this fits the bill.

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Alc. 13.5% abv, 750ml, price per litre: €36.00

Allergens: contains sulphites

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