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Veralda: San Giovanni Cuvée 2018

Veralda: San Giovanni Cuvée 2018

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This is a beautifully drinkable cuvee of Cabernet Sauvignon and Teran. Having it reminds us of lunch at a cafe on the coastline, sun in our eyes, whitewashed stucco houses in the background, maybe even some fried sardines & charcuterie on the table. The Cabernet takes some of the edge & heavy tannins away from the native Teran. Teran is a deep blue-black grape with a thicker skin, usually leading to a deep, “serious” type of red wine. Adding the Cab here is what keeps it (almost) light & summery. Think Italian getaway.

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Alc. 14% abv, 750ml, price per litre: €29.20

Allergens: contains sulphites

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