About Us

Karolina and Sarka vinofactum
We are Šárka and Karolina, collectively known as ‘vinofactum’. We are a wine importer and distributor, committed to selecting an exceptional range of natural wines from Central and Eastern Europe. We provide local alternatives to well-known wine locations, bringing a touch of discovery to your wine journey while emphasizing both quality and affordability. Our offerings are inspired by our enthusiasm for sustainability, our heritage (Šárka is Czech, Karolina is Polish), and a love for local flavours.
Our mission is simple: to seek out and celebrate the region's extraordinary wine producers who embody the essence of their land. As ambassadors for natural wines off the beaten track, we strive to bring you hidden gems while focusing on supporting small, family-run vineyards, cultivating relationships built on trust and shared values. This commitment ensures that every bottle we offer is a testament to the dedication and craftsmanship of these remarkable winemakers.
Cheers! 🥂