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At vinofactum, we believe that wine is more than just a beverage - it's a narrative of terroirs and traditions. Each bottle a testament to the land, the climate, and the dedication of the winemakers.
We embrace wines that are low intervention, off-the-beaten track gems. We invite you to explore the world of natural wines, spark your curiosity, and deepen your appreciation, one bottle at a time.

Our wines

vinofactum sources wines from artisan winemakers from winemaking countries off-the-beaten-track: Czechia, Slovakia and Poland. Our winemakers own small family-run vineyards and wineries where they focus on making sustainable, natural wines, with respect for local biodiversity and with minimal interventions in the vineyard as well as the winery.

Every vintage is unique and is the truest representation of terroir in a bottle. Natural wine goes well beyond the wine itself, it’s a philosophy, a love for the land and our nature.

What our customers say


We’ve ordered wines from vinofactum for our company anniversary and it’s been such a hit. The team at vinofactum is delivering an exceptional customer service and was a great in helping us make our ideas for custom labels become a reality. Both our team and our partners were so happy. We’ll definitely order again.


The quality of vinofactum wines is amazing. Every bottle feels like a limited edition, each having its own story. Feels like a little celebration every time this good wine gets opened ❤️ And the delivery service makes it so extremely convenient!  


I honestly don't know how I was able to drink anything else than natural wines before discovering vinofactum? Their wine selection is sooo delicious and I really appreciate the fact they only work with small producers which they know personally. Supporting small businesses has never been easier!


Beautiful natural wine selection and an outstanding service. They also provide wines under personalised labels which I’m going to leverage for my 30th birthday party 🎉🥂.


“Our wedding day was made so special by being able to serve wines with our own custom labels. Our guests loved this little detail at our wedding. We have several bottles in reserve to toast to every anniversary!