Wine Tasting

Is your team tired of all the "traditional" team event activities? Get them excited again! vinofactum offers guided natural wine tastings as a memorable team event for companies based in Berlin. 
wine tasting with vinofactum

Where does the tasting take place?

- at your office

- at an off-site venue rented specifically for the wine tasting (additional charges for the space rental will apply)

- at an off-site venue if part of another event (venue charges are covered by the client)

- we can also provide a conference room located in Neukölln, fitting up to 15 people, after office hours

Ideal group size: 10+ people

This group size allows for best interaction and makes the event enjoyable for everyone.

Fee per person starts at €40 incl. VAT.

What's included?

- guided and interactive wine tasting session
- wine selection
- snack boards (incl. vegan and gluten free options)
- wine glasses (if not available at the venue)
- if there's anything else you'd need from us, get in touch and we're do our best to cater to your needs

We'll tailor a wine tasting event for you based on your team size and expectations. Get in touch at to receive more information.