Vojta & Anna are the duo that run the small Bystřický winery. Intensely focused on biodynamic principles, the production is limited to a small ~2ha parcel & is tended to with the utmost care & view towards health of the environment over maximum output. They just work on reds & the reds they do are often much more layered than one would expect out of the varieties. So obsessed with the "natural" way, they put horsetail (the plant they use to discourage fungus on the vines) on their wine labels for years! Not to point any fingers, but Vojta & Anna are kind of hippies, in the best possible way. You can taste the love and utmost care that goes into each wine. Peace & wine ☮︎

Size: 2 ha
Main grape varieties: Cabernet Moravia, Dornfelder, Zweigelt
Bořetice, Czech Republic