Like many of our winemakers, Herzánovi winery is truly a family affair, with everyone pitching in. Jakub, his sister Zuzana, and his wife Sandra share duties and all have extensive winemaking knowledge. In fact, Jakub and Sandra met at a winemaking college. The vineyards were planted in 1997, 25 years ago, by Jakub and Zuzana’s father. The two of them have been involved in their care in one way or another ever since. What makes this winery different from their surroundings and most winemakers is their adherence (in their flagship range) to a “zero/zero” philosophy. While their black label wines have a little bit of S02 added before bottling for a more “glossy” or “classic” styled wine, their earthen colored label range has absolutely none. This includes a variety of skin contact wines (they have been working with Qvevri for a number of years) and some vintages that get cellar aging for a bit longer. In recent years, the 3 have also become quite proficient at producing quite fruit forward and expressive Ancestral Method sparkling wines. 

Size: 4 ha
Soil: clay and loess soil