Ota Ševčík made his first wine in 1992 and since then has developed into one of the most respected natural winemakers in the Czech Republic. His vineyards only have a total size of 2 ha (all certified fully organic) with approximately 11 000 bushes, but you can feel the love and attention that he gives to each and every single one of those plants. Ota’s wines have a remarkably defined character with a Burgundian purity, harmony and precision in every vintage he makes. Ota Ševčík’s winery owns two vineyards: Čtvrtě (age of vines: 5 to 11 years) and Kraví Hora (age of vines: 17 to 76 years), which both have a soil very rich in magnesium content, giving Ota’s wines more complexity and concentration. Ota’s wines are perfect for food pairing and have an unrivaled ability to age, if you manage to keep them long enough! If you have ever considered yourself “conservative” with regards to your wines, you will be overjoyed by Ota’s clarity of vision. If you fall somewhere else on the spectrum, you may want to buy some of his wines now, then see how in 5 or so years they may end up being the things you value most in your cellar.

Size: 2 ha

Location: Bořetice, Czech Republic

Soil: mix of dark topsoil, loess soil and cambisole with some sand