Petr Marada often tells a pretty funny story of buying a plot of planted vineyard around his native Mikulčice and when he brought his uncle along to check out what he (also a winemaker) thought of the potential purchase, Petr was informed that this exact vineyard used to belong to Petr’s grandfather. Winemaking runs in the family and in the blood. Petr founded his strictly organic winery in 2006 and having helped out with harvest, we can attest to how handcrafted everything actually is. Marada's philosophy leans heavily towards "less is more.” He is quickly becoming known for his skin contact orange wines, their nearly neon orange color and non-traditional bottling in clear bottles are absolutely eye-catching. This is but a tiny fraction of his winemaking abilities, though. His obsession with the Champagne region has led to a line of quite uncommon and remarkable Sekts. Watch out for Petr, he is a genuine lover of learning about wine, and if he is this good now, imagine 5-10-15 years down the road.

Size: 11 ha
Location: Mikulčice, Josefov, Lužice, Czech Republic
Soil: Clay, slate, sandy and volcanic soils