Robert Osička (son of the eminent godfather of Czech natural wine, Jaroslav Osička) wants you to know that his wines are punk AF. He has often said he is most inspired by the sound of the Sex Pistols. You would be forgiven, though, for wondering what a sneering lip and “up yer arse” attitude has to do with the unbelievable elegance and attention to detail of his sparkling wines. His intention is a return to ultra classic methode champenoise amid the trendiness of the petnat, of bottling with huge amounts of the fine lees, of wildness, and of (let's be honest) flawed sparkling wine with less than spectacular craftsmanship behind it. Therefore: secondary fermentation in bottle, maturation on the fine lees, use of both steel and wood, degorgement, no fining or filtration, leading to a full on luxury product. Maybe the Johnny Rotten of today would appreciate this, if not the Rotten of Roberts birth year, 1977.

Size: 2ha

Soil: clay, loess & loam

Location: Velké Bílovice, Czech Republic