Jakub - the owner and winemaker of Syfany - takes the locality idea pretty seriously. Everything he uses in his winemaking is sourced from the area. The acacia is logged in the area, the cooper who makes the barrels and casks is in the area. He also takes the “no added agents” idea quite seriously. Indigenous yeasts, no enzymes or other flavoring agents, and minimal S02 at bottling, if at all. What we like best about Syfany is not just their commitment to organics, land preservation, community and locality, but also their willingness to both use both the knowledge gained from tradition as well as willingness to experiment every year with new methods, with small batches of special cuveés and out-of-the box ideas. These wines sometimes are out of this world. In that world (and market) so focused on the need to conform to predetermined ideas, the Syfany willingness to stumble in an effort to make something unique is something we absolutely respect and admire. Plus, they regularly end up with a product that they, and we, fully stand behind.

Size: 13 ha
Location: Vrbice, Czech Republic
Soil: clay and sandy soil