If you have tasted our Whaam! or Sweet Pinot Dreams specialty sparkling wines, then you have the Veverka family to thank. Celebrating 30 years of the winery this year (in 2022), we love working with this long established, Čejkovice's high-grade location winery. We appreciate, that even with a larger sized vineyard (15 or so hectares) Veverkovi try to keep their yield per hectare quite low, especially seeing as it is one of the hottest areas in South Moravia. This is why the wines produced by them have such intensity of flavor. Higher sugar content, increased concentration on a smaller amount of grapes. We have also been very, very impressed with their forays into skin contact, no sulfur added wines. The Hibernal 2015 was an absolute gem, and their current Gewürztraminer Orange follows suit. This is why we work with this family. Year round quality wines, with the specialty Pét-nats for spring & summer, and the delicious Orange wines for Fall & Winter.

Size: 15 ha
Location: Čejkovice, Czech Republic
Soil: sandy loess