Jaroslav is widely reported to be the godfather, or at least one of the pioneers of natural winemaking in the Czech Republic. A crucial influence to the newer generations of farmers and winemakers, he pushed organics and beyond as a former teacher at a local wine college where he spent over 30 years. He has been farming organically for over 40 years and uses a minimal intervention mindset in the cellar. Jaroslav believes that the winemaker is only a shepherd in guiding the process and allows his wines to develop based on their innate character. The use of both techniques and philosophy of his most beloved region (Burgundy) leads to wines that have a surprising weight, texture, and class in a decidedly cold climate. A lot of the current “trends” in vinification are used by Jaroslav. Skin contact, pigage, lack of filtration or fining. This belies the ultra top quality elegance and sophistication that Jaroslav’s wines actually are. A true son of tradition who has elevated his family's history to something even more excellent. No wonder his wines are listed at a number of Michelin star restaurants.

Size: 3 ha
Velké Bílovice, Czech Republic 
Soil: loess, dark soil, brown, sandy soil