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Bystřícký: Cabernet Moravia 2018

Bystřícký: Cabernet Moravia 2018

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The Cabernet Moravia grape gets the Bystřický biodynamic vineyard treatment. Herbaceous (that is horsetail on the label, which is used to help the vines resist fungal diseases), long time on the lees in barrels (usually 18 months or more) so they have full on wood which brings out the vanilla & caramel & the grape varietal has its own quirks. Cab Franc crossed with Zweigelt means you have so much of this old world heavy dark intense heavy tannin, dark fruit, dark bitter flowers, but crossed with that Zweigelt fun & zippy little bit of pink pepper, but mostly bright cherry & red fruits. Anna and Vojta have the winning combination, because these elements lead to a quite complex wine. Tannic, dark plums battle it out with dark purple olives (you know the ones that are just about to get wrinkly?) while all the herbs used in the biodynamic farming peek out from around the bold first flavors. Plus it has that black pepper that wakes up your tongue each time you take a sip. Quite the interesting wine from a winemaker largely unknown outside of Czech Republic. Like all their wines, we suggest letting the wine breathe for a while after opening. Let the tannin stretch out and relax so it doesn't spank you too much.

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Alc. 12.83% abv, 750ml, price per litre: €23.87

Allergens: contains sulphites

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