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Jaroslav Osička: BB 2020

Jaroslav Osička: BB 2020

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BB stands for Bílovice Burgundy (Bílovice is a town in which Jaroslav Osička has his vineyards & cellar). These are the flavors & vibes that the extremely opinionated but experienced old guard of Burgundian wine wants the whites to taste & smell like. BB 2020 does the Chardonnay, Pinot Gris and Pinot Noir exactly as tradition dictates. It is aged for 3 years in older oak barrels. The oak shines through quite a bit, though. Despite the age, this is an oaky wine. Creamy, complex wine which offers aromas of citruses, elderflower, & vanilla. This wine also has an amazing ability to age (another 7-10 years in bottle if you so desire). Put a few bottles in your cellar & you won't be sorry!

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Alc. 13% abv, 750ml, price per litre: €33.20

Allergens: contains sulphites

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