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Punkista: Vavřinec Sekt Brut 2018 | Saint Laurent

Punkista: Vavřinec Sekt Brut 2018 | Saint Laurent

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Robert Osička, the titular Punkista is a lover of Sex Pistols (& plenty of other punk bands) but his wines are anything but punky or wild in the streets. Quite the opposite. Made from Saint Laurent grapes, this traditional method sparkling is incredibly dynamic and elegant. No three chord punk falling down the stairs, this is the end product of a real craftsman taking pride in the details. These grapes come from a 20+ year-old vineyard with loess (wind blown dust, held together with calcium carbonate) & loam (mostly sand, minorly silt/clay) soils. Two whole years the wine hung out with the fine lees which give it a more present, structured mouthfeel. It is taking up real estate in your mouth, declaring it is PRESENT, with bells on. What kind of fruit? The rarer & richer kind: mulberries, oxidized apples & bavarian cherries with an undercarriage of yeastiness.

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Alc. 11% abv, 750ml, price per litre: €31.87

Allergens: contains sulphites

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