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Roxanich: Lara 2012 (Magnum)

Roxanich: Lara 2012 (Magnum)

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It’s still the same Lara, just more of it! The Lara from Roxanich is the wine that got us to fall for them. Lara is also the daughter of the winemaker who deals with the biz side of things. We like her and her namesake wine as much as we like the Mara Rosé. Which is to say, a TON. Extensive maceration time & super long aging time, but this time it is with Malvazija Istarska. Honey, apricot, quince, apple, almond trees, acacia blossoms- all offset by great acidity. Boom boom boom boom boom. This wine seems like it should be too much, but no, it is just the way it should be. Medium tannin & great structure, with a ton of flavor. What a great serious orange wine can be.

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Alc. 13% abv, 750ml, price per litre: €48

Allergens: contains sulphites

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