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Syfany: Panic 20/21

Syfany: Panic 20/21

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Panic is the only Syfany wine we suggest decanting. It is smart to give this one at least thirty minutes before bringing to the table because allowing these two different vintages to aerate helps them come to a three part harmony & sing like a vocal trio in your gob. A coupage of Rheinriesling & Pinot Blanc made much more melodious by the Moravian Muscat. 2020 was pretty cold & the Rheinriesling & Pinot Blanc were maybe a bit too straight on their own. Add the Moravian Muscat (a grape to watch out for in the future) & transfer to NEW oak barrels. Now you are in business. You got a high quality, classic white wine for all occasions. This wine is incredibly succulent, full of pep & easy to drink. Aromas reminiscent of some high class women’s fragrances (peach, jasmine). Oh-la-la!

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Alc. 12% abv, 750ml, price per litre: €31.87

Allergens: contains sulphites

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