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Vino Vdovjak

Vino Vdovjak: Lipovina 2020

Vino Vdovjak: Lipovina 2020

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The most famous of Hungarian “sweet” grapes gets the coolest of Slovak winemaker treatment. Is it sweet? Absolutely NOT. It is more like a unique take on a well worn standard. Rivers, mountains, forests. There is something outdoorsy about this wine; and while it is sort of the “beginner” wine of the Vdovjak we have taken into our portfolio, we consider it a real natural grower. This is gastronomy level wine, approachable, yet all signs indicate it is going to get more subtle & complex given some time in bottle. Even just a year would suffice, though longer could lead to a field of possibilities.

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Alc. 12.8% abv, 750 ml, price per litre: €22.27

Allergens: contains sulphites

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