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Marada: Pet Nat Riesling 2020

Marada: Pet Nat Riesling 2020

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This bubbly can be a bit lively. Just that the living beings in the wine have kept going with eating all the sugars & have carbonated it as fully as their little biological processes could. The simplest way to make that sparkling wine: grow the grapes on some tough soil so that the stresses make the vines produce extra flavor with less overall yield. Harvest when there is a good amount of sugar that can feed the indigenous yeasts in the bottle & expect something unprocessed, untouched, rooty-tooty-fresh-and-fruity. Unfiltered apples & pears on the nose & a hit of that soil on the finish (manganese, potassium, calcium). Make sure to chill this wine properly and have a glass ready when opening – it’s a wild child.

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Alc. 11.5% abv, 750 ml, price per litre: €22.27

Allergens: contains sulphites

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